Two of Vermont’s most prominent business leaders will speak at VTSDA in February

The resumes that these two men sent me to place onto the VTSDA website were astounding. Unfortunately, I had to use only a segment of each, as they were so long. They have each served on the boards of many of Vermont’s biggest charitable organizations. They have both started hugely successful I.T. companies in Vermont. They are both incredibly smart, well-versed in matters of politics, economics and busines and both equally generous. I’m very excited that we have them coming to speak at VTSDA!

Managing Your Business for Change and Then for Growth

Bill Schubart
CEO, Resolution, Inc.

Pat Robins
Co-Founder, SymQuest

Bill Schubart and Pat Robins are two of Vermont’s most prominent business leaders and are also high-tech pioneers in our state.

Bill and Pat will talk about:

  • their vision of the potential of the Software Industry in Vermont
  • their experiences growing their companies
  • the state of economic development in Vermont and
  • what businesses are (and can be) doing to help themselves.

The meeting is Wednesday, Feb 21st from noon-2pm at the Courtyard Marriott in Williston. More info, rsvp & direx here…

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One thought on “Two of Vermont’s most prominent business leaders will speak at VTSDA in February

  1. As an ex-IT employee of Resolution, I was amused by the description of the company and it’s leader.Resolution is a dying company, they have driven out the IT talent (as well as that of the other departments) that made the company function, and have lost, and continue to lose the large clients that have sustained them.The "leaders" of the company showed no loyalty to their employees, or their clients.Bill can be a persuasive speaker, but his opinion of IT should be taken with a grain of salt.

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