Vermont.NET Meeting Monday April 12th – Our Own Visual Studio 2010 Launch


The Official Visual Studio 2010 Launch is April 12th in Las Vegas
The UnOfficial Visual Studio Launch is April 12th in Burlington!

Vermont.NET April Meeting_____________________________

Where: G.E. Healthcare in South Burlington

When: Monday April 12th, 6-8:30pm

Speakers: Various Members of the Vermont .NET Community


Topic: These are a Few of Our Favorite Things in VS2010 and .NET 4.0
While Visual Studio 2010 officially launches *today* (April 12th), it’s been around in various forms (Betas and Release Candidate) for quite a while. The votes are in and VS2010 completely rocks. (Really, we’re not just saying it.) There are also some amazing new features in .NET 4.0. At this meeting, various members of the Vermont.NET community will show off some of their favorite new features in VS2010 and .NET 4.0.

More information at

FOOD & DRINK provided by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
        Notice this doesn’t say “Pizza”? It will be something different for a change!


· WINDOWS 7 Ultimate 64bit License!!  (Thanks to Microsoft User Group Support Services)

· VS2010 Books from WROX & O’REILLY

· Telerik License

· ReSharper License

· And some other stuff… 😉


A ShareFest

A 30-Day Eval of VS2010 Pro should be online on April 12th. ( If you have the time and inclination, make some DVDs to share with other VTdotNET members. Or bring a thumb drive and get a copy.

Upcoming Meetings_____________________________

May 2010: Tom Cooley will pick a development pattern he’s been using (possibly DDD or TDD ) and teach us about it J Maybe SOLID overview?

June 2010: Microsoft MVP, Joel Hebert, comes from Ottawa with ASP.NET 4.0 Unleashed!

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