Introduction toWSE3.0 Webcast tomorrow (Thursday) at 11am EST

As part of the Web Services Webcast Series, I’ll be doing an Intro to WSE 3.0 tomorrow morning at 11am.

It will be a 1 hour session on the key features of WSE 3.0 with as many demos as I can cram in!

There’s an MP3 raffle for attendees of this series. Check it out!

Here is the whole series. Please don’t ask me why the series of web casts on Web Services (WSE, ASMX, and lot of WCF, of course) is called “Windows Vista: Improve your Deployment and Security Strategy”, but at least it’s under the WCF section, since it’s like a WCF starter kit for those who can’t wait until WCF is live!

See you tomorrow!

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