PAG releases CTP of WSE3 Security patterns

From the PAG Service Orientation workspace:

Just Released: October CTP featuring WSE 3.0! (10/15/2005 •  News)
We invite you to check out the latest release of the Web service security patterns. This release is a substantial improvement over the past releases. We’ve added even more patterns and updated the implementation patterns to take advantage of the latest advancements in WSE 3.0. Please note that the WSE 2.0 implementation patterns have been removed from this release. We will add them back for the final release, but if you would like to review the WSE 2.0 implementation patterns in the meantime, check out the August CTP.

Developers can build secure Web services easier with WSE 3.0 by using its simplified and enhanced policy framework and by taking advantage of features in the .NET Framework 2.0. When you combine that with solid architectural, design, and implementation guidance, you have a much better chance of choosing an appropriate solution and saving some time in the process. While the WSE team just released the
WSE 3.0 October CTP, these implementation patterns were tested against the WSE 3.0 Beta build.

The following patterns have been added since the August CTP release. These patterns have all been through the workshop process, but haven’t all been through an initial editorial pass … that’s why it’s a CTP 😉

  • Message Replay Detection
  • Perimeter Service Router
  • Message Validation
  • Exception Shielding
  • Trusted Subsystem
  • Protocol Adapter
  • Delegation

As we are ramping up to release the final version of this content, we’re really depending on you, the community, to provide the feedback needed to make this the definitive resource for Web service security guidance. We would also love to hear from you if you’ve used this content as the basis for decisions you’ve made regarding your production Web services.

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