Web Services – not just how? but when and why?

Dare Obasanjo asks for prescriptive guidance for developers on when web services and ws-* should be used. This goes past the “web services or remoting?” question that we have all seen that chart for. (sorry , can’t link to an example – but surely you’ve seen it). I am using web services in a non-interop solution where I own both ends of the pipe (over the internet) and have even implemented wse2 …because I saw this as an “easy” way to solve my problems. In some situations, this could be a very bad choice. I would absolutely like to see what Dare is asking for. Including myself, we sometimes get so caught up in how to do something, that we don’t stop to think whether or not it’s what we need. I just spent weeks shoving wse2 down the throat of a production app that worked perfectly fine. Admittedly, I did this mostly due to a bit of an ego problem (and that I wanted to get past my “in theory“ only understanding of WSE2).

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