WSE 3.0 to be release on launch day!


What this means of course is that I will be making some last minute changes to my presentation computer 1 day before I do my What’s new in WSE3.0 session at DevConnections. Hey, this is bleeding edge, right? I am willing to take the risk… 🙂

Currently I am running VS2005 RTM with the October CTP bits and having only one issue (which may or may not be related to the out of synch bits).

What is that issue you ask? I can’t seem to do encryption and signing when my webservice is on IIS. When it’s on the development web server, all is well. When I move it to the webservice, I get some wierd problem regarding “decryption” from the Cryptography API. (“Error occurred while decoding OAEP padding”.)  I have given all necessary permissions to the ASPNET account for reading the web server certificate and even as a last straw, gave “Everyone” full access to it. Hopefully, I will either get an answer to my question about this problem on the newsgroup or it will mysteriously disappear when I install the RTM bits. Or… I will have to skip that particular demo :-(, but since that session is in one of the 60 minute slots, that might be a good thing.

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