WSE2.0 Hand on Labs – Excellent News

Mark Fussell writes that the Hands on Labs for WSE2 have been updated for the SP2 version, added to and released. Mark refers to the first rev of these HOLs  written by Aaron Skonnard, as “without doubt the best resource for getting up to speed with understanding WSE 2.0 quickly.” I couldn’t agree more. I have mentioned these HOLs in many posts and both my WSE2 presentation and an upcoming article make many references to them i.e. “please refer to the HOLs for more details on ______” just about everything.

So the one I worked with Security & Policy C# version now has a VB partner! Hooray. Though I loved the opportunity to keep working on my C# skills, it’s really hard to deal with two learning curves at once.There is also one for Messaging in both C# and VB.

See Marks’ post for more details. If you want to learn WSE2.0, you must must must do these HOLs.

The security one also is the best resource I have seen for installing certs into your windows box, by the way!

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