WSE3.0 WebCast: Powerpoint and Sample code online

I have posted my version of the powerpoint (not the pretty MSDN version since I don’t have that) and the sample code from today’s Intro to WSE 3.0 webcast.

You can find them on my TALKS page. Scroll down to Introduction to…. and you’ll see the zip and ppt files.

Thanks to all who attended!

I hear there was a snafu with the survey and MP3 Raffle and that emails will be sent out to attendees on how to get back in the game (within 24 hours, they told me)

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One thought on “WSE3.0 WebCast: Powerpoint and Sample code online

  1. All the sample I see online are using UsernameOverCertificates assertion where WSE 3.0 provides all the work for Itegrity, Confidentiality and SecureConversation.However I dont want to use certificates coz we cant install them on all the clients. SO I opeted for UsernameOverTransport security. And am trying to figure out, how to secure the conversation from client to server i.e only authenticated clients can talk to server. And once autheticated, I dont want to send the username and password (as part of SetCredentials on Proxy) for every method call that Client makes.Any suggestions?ThanksD

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