WSE3 Beta 1 Release Notes

Since I didn’t see the release notes are not on the website for WSE3.0 Beta1,  I thought I would put the key bits here.

Main Features Updated from the July CTP Release

  • Wsewsdl3.exe can now produce ASP.NET proxy clients from an ASP.NET Web service over TCP using the /type: parameter. This setting determines the default proxy type to generate. Choose from ‘webClient’, ‘soapClient’. If you choose webClient, a proxy class deriving from WebServicesClientProtocol will be generated, otherwise, a proxy class deriving from SoapClient will be generated. The soapClient is the default.
  • The policy framework has new assertions for <requireSoapHeader> and <requireSoapAction> which enforce constraints on the received messages to require that either a SOAP header is present or a SOAP action is present. See the product documentation for more details. The schema for the WSE policy, wsePolicy.xsd, can be found in this directory C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Xml\Schemas after WSE 3.0 is installed.
  • WSE generated proxies have the same asynchronous pattern as ASP.NET 2.0 generated proxies.
  • More detailed tracing when a policy fails during the processing of a message.
  • The SoapHttpRouter class now works with the policy framework to enable you to secure messages with policy files. See the quickstart samples for an example.

Known Issues

  • The WSE Settings may not be integrated with Visual Studio 2005. This occurs if you install Visual Studio 2005 and then install WSE 3.0 Beta 1 without first having started Visual Studio 2005. Ensure that you start Visual Studio 2005 before installing WSE 3.0 Beta 1. Alternative you can use the Visual Studio 2005 Add-in Manager available from the Tools menu item to manually install the WSE 3.0 Settings tool.
  • WSDL files produced by the Windows Communication Foundation (formally codenamed “Indigo”) Beta 1 cannot be consumed by WseWsdl3.exe
  • Using WSE with Web services hosted in ASP.NET, SOAP section 5 encoding does not work.  Set the Web service to use literal encoding instead.
  • With Microsoft Windows 2003 Server SP1, all Web services that run under the Network Service account cannot write WSE diagnostic trace files. To enable these services to write diagnostic files, either add write access permission for the Network Service account to the directory where the diagnostics files are being written or alternatively run the service under an account which has write access privileges.
  • WSE 3.0 and the Windows Communication Foundation (formally codenamed “Indigo”) Beta 1 cannot be installed on the same machine as they use different versions of the .NET Framework.
  • Wsewsdl3.exe cannot produce ASP.NET proxy clients when just the .NET Framework Runtime is installed on the machine. The .NET Framework SDK is required.

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