ASP.NET Connections – What’s New in ADO.NET 2.0

I have posted my powerpoint and demos from my ADO.NET 2.0 session. I loved doing this session. I even got to do it twice. I had lots of rave reviews from attendees. A big win-win. I am hopefully going to do it again at the Mid Atlantic Code Camp when I go to D.C. in May and again at my user group. It is a great session. I hope I find more venues to do it at!

You will find the powerpoints and demos on this page under “What’s New in ADO.NET 2.0”. The slant of the talk was to ASP.NET developers, but it’s all back end goo, so it’s for everyone. As Alex Homer points out, yes, I have working SQL Query Notification demos in here!!

This is the same talk I did at Code Camp III in Waltham on March 12th. Thanks to all of those attendees for being my guinea pigs. I was able to improve the talk a lot thanks to your feedback!

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