SQLDependency and Notification Services – I give UP! (not really)


I have the right code from the documentation, from Bob B’s awesome article, from the whidbey.adodtnet newsgroup, these posts from Wally McClure (rules, enabling CLR in SQL) and he was kind enough to spend a good chunk of time with me on i.m., too. But I cannot freaking get a notification from my SQL Server (Oct CTP bits). I have set up everything I know of in SQL, even tried this with my firewall temporarily turned off. Apparently besides the code, besides doing all of these things:

  •  grant send on service::SqlQueryNotificationService to guest  in msdb
  • GRANT SUBSCRIBE QUERY NOTIFICATIONS TO [the user] in the database
  • ensuring that Enable_Broker is true in the database
  • getting your calls in your code in the correct order
  • making a proper query statement

there seem to be some 400+ other rules to follow. I have been changing the order of events in my code, reading through the online books, investingating the sql logs, learning more about SQL Server 2005 than I really care to/want to/have time for right now, and on it goes…

Okay it’s a beta. But really. Eight hours. I freakin’ give up. But of course, that’s a lie. I will post this and then think of 24 other things to try and just keep at it until …..who knows…?

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