Break Blink

Scott Reynolds is playing with BLInk! and came up with a few things none of us had ever done. One I need to fix quickly which is related to not entering your credentials in properly in the settings.

The others are just to feed his habits and make it the perfect blogging application. All great ideas for a wish list. I have to be careful because it’s very tempting to just focus on that program, but I need to do my real work, too!

What I love is that the whole program was designed for a tablet, but then I realized I could use it very handily on a desktop. So Scott was asking for keyboard shortcuts! LOL. BUt that tells me, it really is a flexible app if it has lots of features that make it very tablet friendly, but is that close to being a good blogging app. One thing that is affecting him is he has used other blogging tools. I haven’t. I just made it be what I wanted. But it will evolve. Of coures, first I owe Bliz some spell checking and apparently, I owe it to myself as well for my frequent typos!

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