Minor Update to Blink! app and recompiled for .NET 2.0

(OH NO! I think I reinstalled the wronng version now that I’m looking at the time of this post! Oops!)

A change in dasBlog pointed out a small problem with the Blink! off-line blogging tool I wrote two years ago. I originally wrote the app as an experiment in trying to make it fun to use on a TabletPC, but I have been using it to write almost all of my posts (98% of them not on a TabletPC) since then. There are a few minor itty bitty glitches that I will have to work out someday, but since there are probably 10 other people in the world using it…it gets low on the priority list.

Back to the dasBlog change. Pre 1.8 versions of dasBlog timestamped posts as they were posted, but as of 1.8, I noticed that all of my posts were getting the time 2 a.m. That was because I was only adding the current date to the post. So I modified the app to date and time stamp the post with the universal time. Now that I am on dasBlog 1.9 (happily), these posts are getting the proper creation time again.

The original Blink! app was a .NET 1.1 app, but when making this change, I recompiled it for .NET 2.0.

Get it here: www.thedatafarm.com/blink.aspx

Don’t Forget: www.acehaid.org

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