Yes you can have categories and titles from BLInk!

Bliz has kindly agreed to play around with BLInk for a bit. Hmm – spell checking hadn’t thought of it! ūüôā

I appreciated all of  his nice comments but just wanted to clarify something.

One thing he misunderstood was about the API limitation on categories and titles. That is only for the Blogger API. I saw the common workaround but could not get it to work from my application and finally ditched it. However, the Metablog API absolutely supports titles and categories. I also use dasBlog, as does Bliz and am posting with the Metablog API from BLInk! with titles and categories. No problems at all with that. I don’t have to go back to my blog and add those things in after the fact.

.Text and dasBlog support both APIs.

Posted from BLInk!

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