A comment spam classic

Just had to share this funny comment that came through my other blog. Not as a comment on a post but from the contact form.

"hi dear kese hoooooo i learn C# but i can’t understand what should i do please tell me "

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3 thoughts on “A comment spam classic

  1. Hey, here’s an idea, read a book!Sometimes I think these type of posts are done on purpose.Sometimes not of course.god help the ones that don’t know how to teach themselves new tricks.Brings to mind the old adage that has never been as true as it is in posts like this:"You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink".With all the information on the internet, these questions never fail to amaze me.How did you respond?Did you respond is a better question I guess.

  2. The ones I got are more blatant however more sweet. They always start with something like:I love your site! Good work! , with immediate following of a dozen of links to porn sites. The funny thing is that they manage to leave comments even after I disabled my comment option

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