Customizing dasBlog 1.6 with the Archives Macro

Thanks to a teaser from Scott Hanselman, and a helpful line of code he sent, I was able to add the archive feature to my dasBlog site.

The line of code Scott sent was


which was all I got from him, so it was a good puzzle!

Here’s the rest.

dasBlog has a subfolder called THEMES which contains folders for each of the various skins.

In each of those folders there is a file called homeTemplate.blogtemplate

You can find in the patterns within this file, the area that builds the panel (on my site it is on the right….search, navigation, etc.) So I just copied and pasted one of those sections and replaced the title with “Archives” and the innerhtmll with the above macro.

   <div class=”sidetitle”>Archives</div>
   <div class=”side”><%newtelligence.drawArchiveMonths()%> </div>

I placed in between two other sections (Navigation and BlogRoll).

Once I uploaded the modified file, I had to go to config and reselect my theme so that this template file would get pulled into the main site.

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