Getting bashed for blogging your opinions

I hate seeing this happen! [With her permission,] I am copying and pasting Heather’s post here because she might remove this explanation as well. She already chose to remove the original post. I can understand, I had to do this once, too, although I didn’t get hate mail, just a lot of people who wanted me to debate when I just didn’t feel like it.

04 Apr 05 – 11:51

i’ve gotten so much hate mail from writing about a certain film with an assisted suicide, a crappy script and poor props management that i simply took it down.

never again will i express opinions that have even the remotest possibility of offending anyone with a taste for bad films. it’s simply not worth it!

i tried writing back directly to those who’ve left comments but they didn’t have the decency to spew their venom from real email addys.

this post will only remain up temporarily, just so you can get this message- in particular the very most recent and evil one which threatened me with God, etc in it. who’s site is this anyway?

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