Some DasBlog Pointers

In the comments of this post, I was asked a few questions about dasBlog administration. I had all of the same questions. Many were answered in the Message Boards of the DasBlog Community Workspace on GotDotNet. But to directly answer Martin and Steve’s Questions:

Steve: The trick for cross-posting to dotText is in the configuration. First check Clemens Vasters post about the version that first implements cross-posting and then in the config for the Cross Post Site (here are my examples)

endpoint: yourname/Services/Metablogapi.aspx (so I have “jlerman/services/met..)
api type: MetaWebLog

Martin: The permissions are explained at the very bottom of the Setup page on DasBlog.Net under the section “Post Installation Steps”.

I am still having to get used to the interface for administration of dasBlog. It’s very nice, but I was completely spoiled with dotText. Scott has been working on that application for such a long time and has had so many people to please so there were a lot more bells and whistles built in. Either way, I certainly have no time to do something like this myself and both applications are fantastic achievements and great contributions to the blogging community.

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