What Leon Bambrick’s Blog made me think about this morning

I was just cruising around Leon’s blog to get a link to one of my favorite posts (“You are not Inadequate“) and started realizing something. I started reading his blog because it was (and still is) hilarious. But there are also so many really deep, thoughtful, interesting posts on there. For example, one where he analyzed the famous Spolsky API Wars article. I also noticed he had grouped his archives in a way that reflects what he was writing about. It would be interesting to look at our own blogs that way. I definitely go thorugh periods for example, where I was working on ADO.NET 2.0 heavily, making so many interesting discoveries. I was writing gobs of technical posts. Right now, the focus of my work is a little different and my blog is a little less technical and probably a little boring (sorry). I consider about Scott Hanselman’s blog and how heavily it is read and why.

In a time of blog overload, it’s that much more important to think about what you are writing about – but on the other hand, by doing that, I worry that I am losing the sponteneity that I think has made my blog stand out in the past. With hundreds of posts pouring into my feed every day, I am very selective about which I actually read. Generally I check out the post titles and anything that interests me I’ll look at, maybe read, maybe not. Then I go by who wrote the posts (a big chore in the msdn feed or weblogs.asp.net feed) and pick out ones by people who I definitely want to “check in with”. But I’m not reading as much. And I know for sure that not as many people are reading my own blog – for the same reason. Just too much to read overall and a post has got to be really worth anyone’s time to be read.

Then it gets back to the most important thing. Why are we blogging? To be read? To get lots of comments or referrals? To get famous? No. I don’t think any one of these should be the driving force (though I know a few people who do blog for that reason…and now you are all twitching in your boots wondering if I am referring to YOU heh heh). I think just saying what’s on your mind and what you feel like when it strikes you (with some reservations obviously – like not ranting every time GWB opens his mouth because he makes me crazy – yes, I’ve learned NOT to do that Andrew, James and Avonelle! 🙂 ) is what the whole point of blogging is. So if I am so excited about a new discovery in .NET that I just had to tell SOMEONE (and my dog just isn’t interested), I’ll blog it. If I’m looking out the window at the tree that makes my heart skip a beat every time I look at it,  and I just want to share it with the world, I’ll blog it.

Anyway, I should be outside getting my kayak on the car roof rather than rambling away. But Leon’s blog is really great and I decided that thought was worthy of mention.


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