4 thoughts on “Get all three of my EF books for 1/2 price TODAY

  1. Thanks for the reminder! I got all three for a steal, your PS videos have been terrific, and actually prompted me to start reading deeply into DDD. Glad to hear (from your Iffy blog) that you’ll continue to pursue this.

  2. Why do publisher’s never offer these deals for printed copies? The more time developers can spend not staring at a computer screen the better :p

  3. Hello.

    I wish to know how I can buy your books from Buenos Aires Argentina. I am very interested in buying

    many Thanks

  4. Hat’s off to you Julia, I’ve been interested in using a suitable ORM for a while. Read a few books on NHibernate but found issues with version compatbility between various components and documention. I’ve read through your EF:code first text and now on Programming EF. Excellent work, everything just comes together. I fully intend on getting your other book on DbContex. One question though, do you plan on an update to Programming EF?

    Regards, Nkem.

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