Modified Description of Adding Inheritance into T4 Template from Chapter 18

This is in reference to Programming Entity Framework 2nd Edition

When I originally wrote the directions for modifying the T4 template in Chapter 18 (Using POCOs and Self-Tracking Entities in WCF Services), I was working with the “almost” RTM version of the Microsoft’s POCO T4 template. Since my modified template continued to work after RTM, I never thought to revisit that text and discovered yesterday that it doesn’t follow the current version of the template and therefore the instrux are unclear & confusing.

My discovery did not come from a reader but was made when I was working with a client and wanted to make that same modification in her template.

When I originally wrote that description I was borrowing some code from the EntityObject template that had a dependency on a variable called ModelNamespace. But in the newer version of the POCO template, that variable is no longer used.

Here are the modified paragraphs and links to the templates that you can download from the book’s website.

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2 thoughts on “Modified Description of Adding Inheritance into T4 Template from Chapter 18

  1. Hi Julie, wondering if Programming EF 2nd is final meanwhile. The latest Rough Cuts release from 10-AUG-2010 looks really final but the category of the download is still "Rough Cuts" whereas the category of the 1st edition is "Book". I’m not sure.

  2. AFAIK, the rough cuts readers were provided final versions. The book went to the printer on August 5th so I imagine August 10th is final.

    I really don’t know how O’Reilly and Safari work all of that out.

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