Programming Entity Framework: Code First edition is now available as an ebook!

OReilly Media pushed the ebook versions (PDF, mobi (for kindle) & others) of Programming Entity Framework Code First live this morning! You can get it at The print version should be available soon. Print is also available for pre-order on the OReilly site as well as on Amazon at Amazon should have the kindle version available shortly. On twitter, Shawn Wildermuth said “I’ll get it when the Kindle version books on a Kindle Fire are really good so far”.

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5 thoughts on “Programming Entity Framework: Code First edition is now available as an ebook!

  1. Does your book talk about security? When building DALs based on stored procedures we typically restrict the connection identity to have execute permission on the stored procs. No select or anything else anywhere in the db. It seems the EF identity must have liberal rights.

  2. Hi Bob. Code First doesn’t support direct stored proc mappings; you can only use sprocs as method calls. That said, we don’t discuss security explicitly in the Code First book, but the general EF guidance is the same:…/cc716760.aspx

  3. I’m a beginner and just started learning EF.

    Do I need to start with the Programming Entity Framework book or could I just jump directly to the Code First + DBContext books?

    I have the same question in regards of the Pluralsight courses.


  4. it’s getting a little complicated. start with the EF 4.1 courses on pluralsight. THe two new books will give you more depth of the features. The big book will giveyou insight into application building, performance, etc. except it uses objectcontext.

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