Programming Entity Framework e-book for $9.99 one day only!

O’Reilly Media has placed the new edition of my book available  in their “Deal of the Day” program today. You can get the ebook version for only $9.99.

That’s TODAY only, though: Monday August 30, 2010.

Go to and use the discount code DDPEF.

If you miss it today, you can get a 50% discount on the ebook from O’Reilly (not sure about a deadline) with the code MTKED. THat code is also good for a 40% discount on the print copy. However the MTKED discount code does not work everywhere. I’ve heard that people using the UK checkout are unable to use that.

If you want to get the book from Amazon, here is a direct link to Programming Entity Framework 2nd edition (for VS2010/EF4/.NET4)

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11 thoughts on “Programming Entity Framework e-book for $9.99 one day only!

  1. Julie: The MSTKED code is not going to work anywhere because its wrong!!!

    The code is actually MTKED I just tested in O’Reilly.

  2. I set out to buy it yesterday while at work, got the obstacle of needing to create an account, decided to do it at a later time last night and forgot.

    Came into work this morning (Tuesday August 31st), tried it and…. it worked.

    The coupon is still valid today Tuesday August 31st. You may want to mention that for those that think there is no point in even trying 🙂


  3. There’s also a discount for folks like Fred that own the 1st edition. If you register the old edition at O’Reilly they give you a 40% upgrade discount for the print book and a 50% upgrade discount for the ebook.

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