Writing a book means: Learning the word “NO”

As a book-writing newbie, I have had to learn to say “no” when I’m used to always saying “yes”. For example, I just turned down an invitation to speak at a conference in India. I’ve never been to India. I hope I’ll get invited again.

But you know it’s serious when I had to say “no” to watching the first NEW episode in forever of Two and a Half Men last night. It pained me to hear Rich laughing his butt off while I stayed in front of my computer and tried to keep focused.

It’s gotten to the point that I was grumbling about having to go to a Dr. appointment on Monday. But I figured, heck, if I die, I can’t work anyway, so I might as well go and make sure I’m okay. Luckily it wasn’t a doctor who work in the mental health field. Surely they would have locked me up immediately!

Then of course there’s the skiing and other forms of exercise that I’m not getting. Thankfully (for me, not for the Mad River Glen’s finances) the snow has been dreadful lately.

My saving grace was that the power went out yesterday for an hour. SO I went outside and took a “brisk walk” (is that a sign of age? Not even a run!).

I was thrilled this evening when Rich presented me with an altered part to an old bike trainer that I was hoping to use at least to get some spinning in. The trainer didn’t fit my bike. So Rich altered the part and now it fits. Yay. Of course, I’m not on it, I’m working (well, blogging only for a momentary diversion).

It just occurred to me that this blog post sounds like an Andy Rooney commentary. Egad! Well back to work. Tick tick tick.

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2 thoughts on “Writing a book means: Learning the word “NO”

  1. Will the book you’re writing have an early-access preview like some books from O’Reily and Manning? Trying to find good information on EF is still a bit hard and requires going to many different locations and I’d like to have a reference in book form as soon as possible.

  2. Hi Brian. This hasn’t been decided yet.But I totally hear you! That’s one reason I’m writing it. 🙂

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