Writing Style: Me, Myself and I?

In my blog, I write as though I am just talking and the words me, myself and I appear quite a lot.

When writing technical articles, my editors constantly have to battle the “me myself and I” becuase the article is not supposed to be a story about me. Though I really do like to share those “man, this thing was killing me until I figured out x y and z” type of anecdotal lessons.

As I am writing my book, I have been extremely careful to make the book be about YOU, the reader. Even though I desparatley want to hold your hand and lead the way, I try to be consistent with YOU and even avoid WE as in “and now we’re going to do this”. It takes a lot of thought to figure out how to do this without being completely impersonal because that would just not be me.

Occasionally I have written essays for CoDe Magazine’s MVP Corner and I have an upcoming “End Bracket” essay in MSDN Magazine. These essays are where I get to write about me, myself and I as much as I want. Yay.

I just happened to come across a comment on a recent MVP Corner essay called Meeting Bill Gates. The comment said “Because it’s natural, I had a feeling like Julia Lerman talks face to face with me. Nice”

I just love that comment because this is the way I truly love to write.

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