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Spring Diary!


spring 002 (Custom)

spring 003 (Custom)

Veggie garden’s ready in case I ever get ready. I did already put some lettuce and peas in on the left.
Only super hardy stuff goes in now. We can’t do our regular planting (tomatoes etc) until after Memorial Day.
Short growing season in Vermont.

spring 004 (Custom)

Compost is ready and waiting.

spring 005 (Custom)

Lupine are coming up. They are SO hardy.There are hundreds of them in the front field. Looks amazing in early June!

spring 006 (Custom)

The front garden has already got blooms in it and everything else is growing like mad. 

spring 007 (Custom)

And the winner is…. the first tulip opened today.

spring 008 (Custom)

Columbine will be in bloom in another month. They spread on their own so there’s a bunch of this.

spring 009

This lilac is making flowers for the first time this year. It’s neighbor is still flowerless. Maybe next year.

spring 010

Lots of Lilies. There are also miles of bee balm along this fence as well as berries and lupine and a very hardy delphinium.

spring 011 (Custom)

Is this bucolic enough? I love this ancient Maple tree down by our mailbox.

But best of all, my favorite flowers are STILL here

tasha may 2008

Tasha, now 14 1/2 which is insanely old for a Newfie.

spring 017 (Custom)

And Daisy, the puppy in the house. She’s 13 1/2.


From Mad River’s website this morning:

POWDER CENTRAL at Mad River Glen today as we picked up a solid 12″ overnight. This on top of the 8-10″ yesterday, on top of the 4-6″ from the day before that so we will be approaching EPIC skiing conditions today on Gen. Stark Mountain. I was no math major but I think that like 2 feet in the past 3 days! It continues to dump snow vigorously and the best part is it should continue to do so all day with well over a foot total expected. Actually the best part really is that yet another big storm is winding up to wallop us again this weekend

So after a lifetime of learning how to ski on hard packed snow and ice (we’re talking eastern skiing), I’m now having to learn how to ski in real powder. My skis are too skinny, that’s for sure. But if I find powder that is a little fluffier, I’m turning like a champ. If it’s too heavy I unexpectedly revert to the snowplow I learned when I was 6 years old.Well, at least it’s a really soft landing when you fall. When my ego and my energy level fail me, I can always fall back on that old excuse: “ummm, I have to go home and get back to work!”

New Burlington PHP User Group! Next meeting is Wed, January 30th

Burlington, VT PHP Users Group Meeting

RSVP Required

When: Wednesday January 30th, 2008, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Where: Brown & Jenkins Coffee Roasters, 91 Ethan Allen Drive, South Burlington, VT 05403


Bradley Holt will be giving a presentation on developing a web application using Zend Framework. Bradley Holt is founder and web developer for Found Line, a local design and development studio which has used Zend Framework in several recent projects. He also works as a software developer for a local non-profit. Before starting Found Line he worked as computer trainer teaching a variety of subjects including Java/JSP, ASP.NET, and PHP.

Other topics will include:

  • What tools do you use for your development environment?
  • What subjects and presenters would you like to see in future?

Refreshments – coffee and snacks – will be provided, and you’ll have the chance to network and connect with fellow PHP developers.

To Participate

  1. RSVP by email to Rob Riggen <[email protected]>.
  2. Sign up for the Burlington, VT PHP User Group list on Google Groups.
  3. Forward this link to anyone else you feel would be interested in the topics above.

Gee, it’s warmed up to minus 0 degrees

Well, that would be -0.3 degrees. Good day to stay inside and work even thought it’s beautiful and sunny out with still llots of fabulous powder over at Mad River. To some it just means a better day to skin up the mountain than to sit in the chair lift up high in the air with the bitter cold wind blowing in your face. Brrr.