15 New INETA NORAM Speakers!

Even though i am on the INETA speaker committee (responsible for the NORAM Speaker Bureau), I didn’t really know this was public yet but I’m starting to get some emails and see some blog posts that people are announcing their addition to the speaker bureau, so I guess it’s okay to blog about it now!

Must be that the email I got wasn’t a “how does this look before we send it out to the world?” but it was the official email.

Fifteen, count ’em 15! new people were added to the speaker bureau.  They are all on the website already so you can start ordering them up!

Rod Paddock – Rod has spent his kid’s college fund travelling on his own dime to speak to user groups all over the u.s. and canada. he’s been to VTdotNET and he’s a great presenter. Rod is also editor of CoDe Magazine.

Markus Egger –  Markus is the publisher of CoDe, so he keeps Rod in line! Markus presents at conferences all over the world. I am always amazed at the ease at which he explains some difficult concepts in a easily understandable way. Even with that Austrian accent!

Mark Miller – You may know Mark from his crazy fun on Mondays! with Carl Franklin, but Mark is also a friggin genious who is one of the driving technical forces behind Developer Express. Mark is another one of those guys who speaks at user groups on his own dime all the time.

Nick Landry – aka Active Nick. Nick is a crazy and smart as hell guy from Montreal (though he’s now a New Yakah living in Joisey)who is a guru in mobile device programming. He has been presenting at conferences for years. Watch out for that Quebequois accent, shiny bald head, and most especially his super silly jokes that somehow make technology sound dirty.

John Papa – John writes the Data Points columns for MSDN magazine and speaks at VSLIve a lot and we’ve just snagged him to present at devconnections this fall (he’s doing 2 talks in the Data Access track that I coordinated and 2 in the Mobile Connections conference that Nick Landry chairs). Maybe if we keep him really busy on the speaker bureau, he’ll be lulled into slacking off on his MSDN Mag column and I can steal it away from him. Evil laugh.

Ambrose Little – Ambrose has written books for WROX on ADO.NET 2.0, ASp.NET 2.0 Hacks and has a book on silverlight coming out. He works at Infragistics  and is an ASPINsider – and a really nice guy who will be a pleasure to host at your user group!

Oh, John Papa’s really nice too. You should all invite him to speak at your groups. Keep him really busy! 😉

DonXML – oh, wait, Don actually has a last name! It’s Demsak. But really, “Donxml”, need I say more?

Wow – 7 down and 8 to go. This is a lot of work and I have work to do.

I’m going to have to just cut & paste the rest. I know, that’s really boring. Sorry!

Todd C. Bleeker, Ph.D., is regarded as an innovative, resourceful, and competitive technologist with an intense desire to excel. Todd is co-owner of Mindsharp (http://mindsharp.com/), a company that offers top-notch educational opportunities on the SharePoint platform.  Todd has architected many solutions for small and large corporations: P&G, Fingerhut, United Healthcare, itiliti (now PeopleClick), Air Canada, State of Minnesota and Bank of Montreal. Todd also presented on Web Services and MCMS at TechEd.  Todd loves to soak up whatever technology Microsoft is churning out and lives in Minnesota with his wife and six “high energy” children.

Mark Dunn has over 20 years of experience in the disciplines of software engineering, database administration, and project management. For the past four years, Mark has been awarded MVP status for his contributions to the Visual Studio .Net community and he serves as Microsoft’s Regional Director covering the Southeast United States.  Mark also co-founded .Net Rocks, an Internet radio program for .Net developers recognized in over 80 countries and now hosted by Microsoft on the MSDN site. Mark is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Application Developer, Solution Developer for .Net, and Database Administrator.


Daniel EganMCT, MCSD, ASP.NET MVP, Daniel is the founder of Odyssey Consulting Group Inc. (http://www.ocgpros.com/), a Southern California software development company. In addition, Daniel teaches a .NET Certification course and serves on the .NET Advisory board at California State University, Fullerton. He is cofounder of the SoCalDotNet Developers Group and a frequent speaker and conference presenter including SDWest, and MIX07. He has written several articles for asp.netPRO magazine, and is the author of several books including an upcoming title on design patterns from WROX. [Daniel is also now heading up INETA Noram’s Tech committee and working on getting a new website for us. But more importantly, he is going to win the “best dressed INETA Speaker award”]


Caleb Jenkins long time community leader, former Microsoft Developer Evangelist, training mentor and consultant with Improving Enterprises, Inc. Host, cameraman and editor for http://communitycast.tv/. Caleb lives in Dallas where he continues to date his beautiful wife and busy himself playing candy land and Xbox 360 with their four incredible children. Occasionally he writes curriculum, speaks at conferences, and writes code for silly things like twitter applications. Eventually he’ll post some of the gazillion interviews that he’s recorded on CommunityCast or blog at http://www.calebjenkins.com/


Kevin McNeish is President and Chief Software Architect of Oak Leaf Enterprises, Inc, and a Microsoft .NET MVP.  He is a well-know speaker and trainer throughout North America and Europe including VSLive!, DevTeach (where he serves as one of the .NET chairs), SDC Netherlands, and Advisor DevCon. He is co-author of the book “Professional UML with Visual Studio .NET”, author of the book “.NET for Visual FoxPro Developers”. He authors articles for CoDe magazine and has been interviewed on the .NET Rocks! Internet Radio Show. He is the Chief Software Architect of the MM .NET Framework and spends about half his time on the road training and mentoring companies to build world-class .NET applications.

Mark Michaelis is the IDesign architect specializing in WCF and VSTS. Mark was recognized by Microsoft as a Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio Team System and C#. Mark holds a MS in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology and he serves on several Microsoft Software Design Review teams including WCF, C# and VSTS. Mark speaks at developer conferences both nationally and internationally and has written several articles and books, in addition to maintaining a blog. His most recent book is Essential C# 2.0 (Addison-Wesley, 2006). [Hey, there’s nothing in this bio about riding roller coasters on top of tall buildings with Kathleen Dollard!]

Jeffrey Palermo makes his living making software teams twice and three times as productive by coaching executive managers all the way down to individual software engineers.   Jeffrey is also a master developer, MCSD.Net, Solutions Architect MVP, Austin .Net User Group leader, AgileAustin board member, INETA Membership Mentor, Eagle Scout, Aggie, and Iraq war veteran.


David Yack is the CTO of Colorado Technology Consultants, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner based in Colorado.  David specializes in large system architecture, design and integration.  David is a Microsoft Regional Director and is also a Microsoft MVP for ASP.NET.    David is a frequent speaker at user group and industry events and is co-author of two NET 2.0 related books.  David founded and is on the leadership team for the South Colorado .NET User Group and lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and two kids. You can always track David down via his blog at http:/blog.davidyack.com where he writes about his .NET adventures.

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