A visit with John Robbins and wife, Pam

John Robbins is speaking tomorrow night in Montreal at GUVSM . He and his wife, Pam, decided to take advantage of being in that fantastic city and went up a little early, passing through Burlington. So we met up yesterday for lunch at the Burlington Pub and Brewery and then wandered around Church St for a while, visiting some of my favorite places I like to show off to out of towners: Frog Hollow State Craft Center and incredible shop featuring some of the finest crafts people (and even companies like Simon Pearce) in Vermont, Lake Champlain Chocolates (mmmmmmm…) and some others. I couldn’t lure them into Kiss The Cook, but Rich and I got to go afterwards.

It is really fun to hang out with fellow geeks and NOT talk shop! It’s kind of rude to geek out when 1/2 of the group (i.e. Pam and Rich) are not geeks. So we got to just have a normal time talking about normal things – food, travel, food, travel and beer, too. (just kidding).

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