CODE Magazine Security Issue

(update: oh gawd, I’ve done it again – written a post that the Smalltalk devs are pointing at and laughing about how unecessarily difficult .NET is…)

I keep thinking about what a great issue this is. There are articles in here on topics that may seem daunting but are very clearly explained to enable anyone to get a start in these areas.

The introduction to Deborah Kurata’s article on generics is worth the price of admission alone. It is a two sentence explanation of generics that I could easily share with developers at any level.

“Generics allow you to use a variable to represent a desired data type, and thereby create very generic code (hence the name) that works with any data type.You define the data type for the generic variable at run time and the CLR substitutes that data type for the variable everywhere in the code that it is used; basically providing you with strongly typed generic code.”

Michele Leroux Bustamante has an article on WSE2 that is meant for normal people to understand and use.

There are articles on Code Access Security, Replication and Asynchronous programming. All topics that many developers won’t go near because of their complexity. All of these articles aim to enable these same people to use these technologies because there is no reason they shouldn’t be able to.

Code Magazine just gets’ better and better. Great job Markus, Rod et alia!!

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