Eric Sink on the Business of TechEd – from a vendor view point

Eric Sink has another wonderful addition to his ongoing MSDN column “The Business of Software”. This one is about being a vendor at a trade show – “My Tech Ed Diary“. The SourceGear booth was right by spot where the INETA booth, the Microsoft Tablet PC and the various Developer Tools booths were on the edge of the Microsoft area, so I saw him frequently and got to chat and visit with him a number of times.

Additionally, Eric has a post on his blog addressing a question that is in the forefront of many of our minds: how does the new source control part of the VS2005 Team development tool compare to and affect the future of SourceGear Vault? SourceGear has had a huge advantage in having a great product to compete with Microsoft’s own greatly flawed source control tool – Visual Source Safe. Eric addresses many questions head on and says that probably the biggest problem he will see from this new product is that reduces his chances of becoming a billionaire by age 40. (That was followed, of course, by a big grin…)

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