first real longhorn application???

A few days ago, I posted a completely bullshit post  (with caveats) about working with Longhorn. The post was nothing more than a commentary. I sometimes wonder if some of the people who write broad statements about Longhorn have even touched it, and are merely writing something, anything, for appearances’ sake. I have not even installed Longhorn. I’ve seen pieces of it at PDC, read a bit about it, looked at the sample stuff people are developing (videos or screenshots). But I’m not doing anything bleeding edge there.

The one person who commented, who missed my (a bit too unobvious I realize) irony, was Jason Nadel, who I quite like, and truly *is* working with Longhorn. So I was tickled to see this post by Chris Sells, saying that it seems Jason has built the “first real custom app for Longhorn I’ve seen that doesn’t have to do with demonstrating or building for the platform”.

Go Jason!

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