Flooding in Findlay Ohio

One of the many midwestern towns that has been impacted greatly by the flooding is Findlay Ohio. Here’s a picture that is currently on the home page of CNN.com.

According to the latest CNN article:

Findlay, Ohio, was enduring its worst flood in nearly 100 years.

“This is the most widespread it’s ever been,” Findlay Mayor Tony Iriti told The Associated Press.

Findlay is a beautiful small city with a lot of glamour to it thanks to it being the home of Marathon Oil. It has a main street right out of the 1920’s and a lot of charming homes from that era as well. Of course, it’s also home to the Sugar Towers, which should be one of the wonders of the world!

I got to go to Findlay last fall on my Central Ohio INETA “tour” (3 groups in 3 nights) and just loved the town and totally enjoyed the attendees at the user group meeting.

I’ve emailed Gary Shank, the leader of Findlay.NET who is currently sitting in a remote office, but still in Ohio and still suffering from the sweltering heat and the floods, but hanging in there.

I wish them all the best and look forward to coming back to do another user group talk and to get some pictures of those Sugar Towers!!

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5 thoughts on “Flooding in Findlay Ohio

  1. Exactly!I saw them when I was driving on the highway and wasn’t able to take a picture. When I got home, I searched teh web for pics, found some, but none were as satisfying as the real thing. So I vowed to get back there and take my own picture someday!

  2. Well, don’t let these internet pictures stop you from coming back to NW Ohio to get that killer shot on your own!I mean, you’ve managed to speak at every group in this area except mine, so the possibility is still there!:P

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