Huge thanks to ORCSWeb

Big thanks to Scott Forsyth and the webteam at ORCSWeb who set me up with a custom solution because I was in a major time crunch. I needed online Sharepoint hosting and I needed it fast, but I needed to be able to deploy a custom Sharepoint solution, which requires a dedicated server (read: my own box on their network). When I started this process over a week ago with my other host, there was a communication disconnect and I ended up signing up for a standard Sharepoint site – which is not customizable. By the time I finally realized this, it was too late to start the process of setting up and moving to a dedicated server. 

Scott came up with the great idea of setting me up on a Virtual Machine hosting plan and he personally installed Sharepoint WSS on it for me. So I am now able to get in via Remote Desktop and set up my entire custom solution. We started talking about this yesterday and I am already working on it now. Big save and my client is really happy!

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