I LOVE Betsy Aoki’s new VS column for newbies

This is an awesome way to teach. It’s just like you are sitting there with the person and talking to them. Talking to a real person. I love love love it. Hooray Betsy for throwing off the chains. The title is priceless “Don’t Freak out about Visual Studio“. We know she is living the lesson here, too. So it makes it even better. She is not an expert talking to a newbie, but a newbie saying – “I have been there and I have done that … I know just how you feel!”

The article has this disclaimer, which is important: This is the first installment of the Visual Basic Newbie series written by MSDN staffer Betsy Aoki to help first-time programmers and “Visual Basic Newbies” get accustomed to the concepts and the environment provided by Visual Studio. The series is no substitute for formal study, a book, a good developer-friend, or perusing the MSDN Library, but is meant in a kindly way.


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