IRR Callups – “This is news?”

That’s what I thought too when I first saw the headline earlier this week on CNN that the IRR’s were being called up and it was the first time since Desert Storm. I thought that’s what Steve Smith was and he got called up in April. So I decided I must just be confused, but Steve confirms that they are talking about the exact same class of reservists that he fell into.

I had a nice surprise the other day when I was automatically signed me into i.m. by opening up a vpn connection. I got pinged by Steve who was on leave for a few days, so I got to chat with him for a while. Ever the geek, he told me he had just finished downloading Whidbey Beta1. 🙂

He’s back at Ft. Bliss now and due to go to Kuwait any day now and then Iraq shortly after that. Think good thoughts…

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