Jonathan Carter … the new Technical Evangelist for Visual Studio and .NET Framework

When I was at ReMix Boston in early October, I remember that Stan Shultes told me that someone was doing user group presentation on Entity Framework in Florida but couldn’t think of the person’s name at the moment. Shortly afterwards, I had an email conversation with someone who had asked an interesting question on the ADO.NET forums and when he said he lived in Florida, I correctly put two and two together. It was Jonathan Carter who had been doing the presentations.

I met Jonathan a few weeks later at an SDR at Microsoft and, although I’m used to how young many programmers seem to me now (it’s all relative … only because I”m so friggin’ old now ;-)), I was surprised how young he was, but oh so smart. And of course, we had our passion for Entity Framework and Astoria in common!

This didn’t go unnoticed and now Jonathan is wearing a blue badge! He is now the technical evangelist for Visual Studio and .NET Framework – a pretty impressive position to start with.

You can read more about Jonathan’s new job here and then check out the rest of his blog because he’s been blogging up a storm.


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