.NET Devs site: this is just what I would write if I had the time (and the knowledge)

Brad Wilson pointed to a new article on www.DotNetDevs.com, which prompted me to go over to the site and see what else is there. What I saw thrilled me. A host of articles that are aimed at removing the bridge of fear that many people have of particular topics. “Reflection Demystified”, “Understanding Isolated Storage”, “Using Encryption in .NET” and more. The authors of these articles understand that “you can’t know everything” and just because you don’t understand a particular topic or concept, does not mean you need to be addressed as though you don’t even know how to turn on a computer. Nor do they speak in tongues, taking a topic so deeply that there is no place for you to hook in so you can understand what the heck they are talking about. This site is looking like the chapters of the fantasy book I was dreaming of writing (but probably won’t ever really write). Kudos to Brad Wilson and the other authors on the .NET Developers site.

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