New things we can learn from Steve Smith when he returns to the conference scene

As many of you may know from experience, Steve is a great presenter and an incredible source of knowledge on ASP.NET.

So now that he is learning things like this:

The training today was on mines, including how to detect them, how they’re employed, and how to react if you find yourself in a minefield.  The instruction was good, and next week we are scheduled to hook back up with the same EOBC class to go through some boobytrap classes, which will be the remainder of our training here.  Unfortunately, two things I was hoping to get in, demolition training and US weapons (heavy stuff) training probably isn’t going to happen at this point.

I look forward to the analogies he may pepper his presentations with. If you have ever sat in on one of Patrick Hynds talks on security, you will understand! Patrick’s military background shines through when he is talking about internet/network security – because as we all know, it’s a war!

I have to point out a funny trend here. Brian Johnson, who is the content strategist of the MSDN Developer Security Center also has a military background. Hmmm… maybe Steve, too, will be drawn more to security when he gets back!!

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