Nooo – say it ain’t so KeithBa!

(by way of Hervey) First it was Eric Gunnerson(goin’ to the movies), now Keith Ballinger (to Media Center)? Keith Ballinger? How could it be? Well, I can understand wanting to do something new….I get to all the time! 🙂  It’s just so…hard…to….grok! (hmmm Hervey’s link to Keith’s post seems to be wrong so just go to Hervey’s post for more info…)

Keith is the first person who really got me (and SO many of us) excited about web services.

Keith is the first person from Microsoft that I had personal contact with when Microsoft started their whole community thing. He replied to a question I posted on a newsgroup and I ran into the kitchen to tell my husband “Keith Ballinger actually just replied to a question of mine in a newsgroup!!” My husband was ummm, beyond confused, and just gave up, shrugged his shoulders and said something like “that’s nice, honey.”

But the funniedst thing I have to say about Keith is my surprise the first time we met in person at how young he is. I figured he had to be at least way older than me since he new so much. So it was also my first real eye opener to how much incredible talent Microsoft has reigned in (or maybe that was my eye opener to how old I really am? since now I think young=under 40!)

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