Now that you have read Coder to Developer…what’s next?

This guy is way too prolific – lucky for us. Mike Gunderloy continues to share the lessons he has learned in over 25 years of software programming. Mike’s next books is Developer to Designer.

designed to help you and other experienced developers build GUIs for your programs that are simple to learn, easy to use, and painless to maintain, even though you’re not user interface experts. Inside, the focus is on the essentials of Windows and web GUI design: simple ideas that require modest

So if you listened to Kate Gregory on DotNetRocks, you know this is a book for her! She said that all of her forms look like a programmer wrote them. And we laughed ’cause we knew exactly what she meant!

So this book not about becoming a Hi-Res* web designer, but about taking pity on the poor end users who have to work with your programs day in and day out. You know where to send a review copy! I wonder if he wrote this book on a Tablet PC? (snigger)

*Hi-Res is a design company who’s site I was pointed to a number of years ago. They are always experimenting. They are brilliant and have always pushed the envelope with their design. I have watched over the years as they have acquired bigger and bigger and more high profile projects. If you want to be inspired to think out of the grey box of database forms – this is the fix I always recommend!!

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