PDC ShowOff videos online!

Mike Swanson blogs that the PDC Showoff videos are now online. Kudos to Mike and Thomas Lewis for organizing all of this!

There are 25 videos and they are here.

I did manage to see some of the videos during the ShowOff screening after the Going Solo BOF, but there were a lot I missed and now I can watch them. Of the ones I did see that night, my absolute favorite, was the robotic arm ride at LegoLand. It’s called RoboCoaster and is the very last video on page 2.

Mine was pretty dry compared to some of these VERY creative videos. I merely did a screen capture of my Virtual Earth on Ink web application in action and a voice over describing what it was doing. But lots of people actually got out their video cameras and feigned some acting skills (which is very entertaining) and showed some actual code, too! The bar has definitely been set for the next ShowOff challenge.

There were a bunch that were basically advertisements which took some of the fun out of those videos. Mike and Thomas plan to have a few more rules next time.

Don’t Forget: www.acehaid.org

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