Petzold’s new WPF book: “Availability: In Stock”

Huge congrats to Charles on another important Windows programming classic-to-be: Applications = Code + Markup: A Guide to the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation

Karsten J (who knows WPF well enough to be a great judge of the book’s worthiness) has high praise for the book: “The book is pedagogically brilliant”.

I especially love that he says:  “It actually does read like a novel to me, with a narrative arch as it negotiates its methodical way through the WPF jungle of APIs.” This is what makes Charles’ books such awesome reading. He’s very literate and a great story teller. So even when writing about technical stuff, it’s so palatable. Who else would so naturally insert analogies to Greek mythology or the affairs of 18th century French courtisans into explanations of software development?

I am so currently mired in VS2005 stuff that my inability to dive into WPF, Vista, WCF, ADO.NET, etc. is a constant challenge to my attempts to keeping some balance in  my life. Perhaps when I finish my current bedside reading, I’ll just have to break my golden rule again, and stick this on the nightstand!

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