Roman Rehak – Newest MVP in Vermont!

Hip hip hooray! Roman Rehak has been awarded an MVP for SQL Server. Roman co-leads the Vermont SQL Server User group (with Laura Blood) and has been track chair for SQL PASS and the DevTeach SQL Track for a number of years.

As far as I know, there are now four six MVPs in Vermont. Zoe Hart has also been one for a while and she works at the same company as Roman in Burlington. Anne Stanton is on the NH/VT border and runs a small business server group and is a total CRM guru. Also, Kate Chase (a renowned author and Office MVP) and Steve Hebert who is an I.E. MVP live in Vermont.

[Roman was smart enough to find a search by state feature and there are 6, count ’em, six, MVPs in our little state. Vermont always has the “highest per capita” rankings because of our small population of app. 625,000, so I wonder if 1:100,000 is it? 🙂 ]

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