(Some of) the Women of XML – thanks to Shelly and Dare

Shelly Powers noticed that there were no women speaking at the XML DevCon. Dare Obasanjo, who is a master of finding any post with “xml” in it, listed some of the women he’d love to see presenting on XML.

I’d also like to mention Angela Mills who is the Group Program Manager on the Indigo Team. Angela was part of the Women in I.T. panel at TechEd 2004. I had never come across Angela before and was quite astonished by her. She is eloquent and inspiring – not to mention her beautiful Scottish accent. That whole panel discussion was phenomenal.

Of course, add the words “web services” to that and I can’t help but think of Michele Leroux Bustamante , Rebecca Dias and Jeannine Hall Gailey.

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