TechEd – INterested in another Women who Code BOF?

I know that every time we have done these we get a new group of women who have not had the opportunity to sit in a room with a bunch of women programmers and talk. Although there will be a Women in IT luncheon again this year (these are awesome). So I have submitted this BOF. Not sure how long it takes for them to go live. Here is the description.

This will be the 3rd Women who Code BOF. It is not a bitch & stitch session, but just an opportunity to gather with some women that you have a lot in common with and talk about some of the things that make being in a mostly male industry work for us. Maybe you find it a challenge. Perhaps you thrive on being special. You may even not think that it’s an issue. Either way, it would be interesting to hear your perspective!

If you would like to see this session happen, go vote!

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