The ASP.NET pattern contines with yet another Scott added to the team

Scott Galloway recently joined the ASP.NET team as a P.M. for ASP.NET 3.5. Congratulations!

My conspiracy theory is that Microsoft is actually building a new team for a new product called Scott.NET.

Who’s next? Scott Mitchell? Scott Watermasysk? K.Scott Allen? There are still a LOT of ASP.NET Scotts not yet on the payroll.

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6 thoughts on “The ASP.NET pattern contines with yet another Scott added to the team

  1. If Scott Galloway hadn’t established his name in the ASP.NET community long ago, I’d have sworn that Guthrie, Hanselman, & crew has taken Jon Galloway and forced him to adopt the Scott moniker. I’m convinced it’s part of the plan to replace the recently-deceased GotDotNet site with GotSCOTTNet!

  2. Soctt (Isaacs) well it seems to help 🙂 As far as I am aware both Jon and myself (no relation…well probably some distant relation in some way) are both nominally intact. Looking forward to getting back into the ASP.NET community after a stint in the Office gulag (though it was a comfortable gulag with some lovely people!)

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