Using me for examples of why Smalltalk is better than .NET

James Robertson is a Smalltalk developer and prolific blogger. And he reads my blog. Often, when I write about a problem I have with .NET, he uses it as proof of why .NET is a terrible development platform. Here’s an example. I don’t mind, really. It’s kind of funny. And we have a little bit of a virtual relationship because of it, which I enjoy. (Especially if I post some bubbly anti-Bush comments.) My usual mantra with programming is “heck, if *I* can do it, so can you!“. So when I can’t do something, James says “if *Julie* can’t do it, then that proves that .NET sucks!“ He’s surely reading this even and hopefully smiling (or even grinning like the Cheshire Cat!) I just wanted to make note of it.

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