Virtual Volunteering with Groove and Mission Mode

While Keith and I have been living on i.m. for the last few days, SB Chatterjee who works closely with Groove has been using Groove’s Virtual Office to help out with aid organizations overseas in disaster relief.

Here is his blog post about that.

Groove also placed their system in other organizations and it is enabling geeks all over world to lend their technical expertise to all of those who are doing their incredible response work. We were also made the same offer (thanks!!) but with Aceh Aid mostly being on Macs, and with a current 20-30K dialup line combined with the fact that I wouldn’t want to have them try to set up VPC Mac on their own…makes it (currently) not doable. Possibly when we succeed in getting them more equipment (and we still need help!!) and they get the broadband they have been promised, we may be able to take them up on the offer.

In the meantime, through Robert Scoble’s blog we had an offer from Mission Mode for Susi and all of her volunteers over there that are spread around indonesia. It will enable them to use a service that becomes a command center for all of their sms text messaging. That will be awesome once it is set up.

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