Visual Studio Hacks – teaching an old dog new tricks

(sorry, Mike, I just couldn’t resist! really, I hope that cold gets better…)

Mike Gunderloy checks out Visual Studio Hacks. In case you don’t know (that is, if you are living under a rock), Mike has written A LOT about Visual Studio, big fat granular books, etc,  and he says “So, you know – I got to about page 6 of this book before I learned something new.”

Gotta love it

I gave away two copies of the book last night at the VTdotNET meeting and people were chomping at the bit to get their hands on it.

So James, when you decide you can retire a wealthy man from the sale of what I think is going to be a wildly successful book, can we still say “we knew you when…”? 😉

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