a bit more on soap and xml

ahh – another lost post – why oh why?

ok here’s the short version… I just spent all day working with SOAP and encryption and xmldocuments. Don Box just wrote a post that addresses a misconception that I had when working on my solution today. “What caught my attention was the implication that there are somehow two classes of XML – documents and something else.” Because I was dealing with SOAP I thought I had to send a “real” xmldocument, not whatever xml is created magically when you send a dataset from a webservice. So I converted my dataset to an xmldocument object, sent that back to my client then took the resulting xmlNode, converted back to an xmldoc and then back to a dataset.

Another thing I wanted to point out about his post was that it addressed my little nit with the fact that the xmldoc is transformed into an xmlNode somewhere in the pipe. In his post, Don says that “it’s exceedingly tricky for a SOAP envelope to contain an XML Document due to the problems of embedding XML inside of XML (embedded DOCTYPE, ID collisions, non-nesting CDATA sections, etc.).” OK, I can live with the transformation! 

So, if you have missed his post, definitely read it if you are not 100% solid on SOAP and would like some clarity. 

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